Inside Supercars – Show 46 – Directions

Click here to listen – Show 46 – Directions.

Garry O’Brien (Auto Action) and Chad Neylon (V8SC) look at where the series is headed, with the Gen 2 specification about to be released, and how is V8SC going with transitioning V8 Utes as the category manager, what is the 26 car mantra? Is night racing to the benefit of the sport? and we look at a 6 month report card on Teams along with the need for a super soft tyre.

Inside Supercars – Show 45 – Lowndes 100

Click here to listen – Show 45 – Lowndes 100.

Richard Craill (SBS Speedweek) and William Dale ( look back at Craig Lowndes 100th race victory, Dave Reynold’s 2nd win, More HRT Friendly Fire, Coulthard’s Luck, Nissan finding some speed, the CAMS stewards busiest weekend along with Nick Percat’s reaction and apology.

Inside Supercars – Show 44 – Darwin Preview

Click here to listen – Show 44 – Darwin Preview.

Stefan Bartholomaeus (Speedcafe) and Tony Whitlock (RaceFax) look at the series return to the track in Darwin, including what the new surface and soft tyres in the sprint races will bring. Triple 8 get the 26th REC, what now for Super Black? Will Craig Lowndes finish his career as the 3rd wheel in the T8 Garage? Malyasia to host a V8 street race, OS racing do people really care? And or mainstream media? Can a wildcard ever win Bathurst? SVG wins at Silverstone, why is he now talking about cutting back his OS racing when he is now making such an impression in the International Stage? Does the Homebush Track need to downsize for the event to survive? And their belief of the long term future of Gold Coast event?

Inside Supercars – Show 43 – Corporate Future

Click here to listen – Show 43 – Corporate Future.

This week, Inside Supercars speaks with Team Principals, General Managers and a Corporate Manager about where their team and the sport is headed and how they are working to improve it. Dr Ryan Story (DJR Team Penske), Tim Edwards (Prodrive Racing Australia), Nick Ryan (Nissan Motorsport) and Chris Wilson (DJR Team Penske) all join us to give their point of view.

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Inside Supercars – Show 42 – League Tyres and Rogers

Click here to listen – Show 42 – League Tyres and Rogers.

This week, Inside Supercars looks at the how Dunlop are going to manage the new tyre rules, what are the diffrences between promoting Rugby League and V8 Supercars and how does Gary Rogers view 2015 in a global sense.