Show 127 – Brad Jones and John Faulkner

Click here to listen – Show 127 – Brad Jones and John Faulkner

*Language Warning – This weeks round table has strong language. Listener discretion is advised*

On Team Week, Tony Whitlock and Craig Revell are joined current team owner Brad Jones and former driver and team owner John Faulkner as they discuss their views of Supercars in 2017.

2 thoughts on “Show 127 – Brad Jones and John Faulkner”

  1. Would love to see it back on FTA. It’s hard to stay interested when there’s so little to watch. I went to Clipsal and loved it, all hyped up about V8 Supercars again. Come home, nothing on FTA, checked out how much Foxtel is, nup can’t do that. So end up losing interest again. I used to be glued to the telly every race. All my friends and family knew not to phone me if V8s were on. All different now.

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