Show 206 – Mustang and Tyres

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Tony Whitlock and Craig Revell discuss the upcoming finale in Newcastle, Ryan Story (DJR Team Penske) provides an update on the progress of the Mustang following the teams two test days. He also discusses how the team is preparing for the Newcastle battle. Ryan also talks about the potential technical changes for 2019 and the likely hood of a 24 car grid.

20 years ago Bridgestone was announced as the sole tyre supplier to the Supercars Series, Kevin Fitzsimmons talks about what it was like to be part of the tender process and how it changed the sport.

Show 205 – NZ Controversy

Click here to listen – Show 205 – NZ Controversy

Tony Whitlock and Craig Revell are joined by Tom Howard ( and Stefan Bartholomaeus ( to discuss the racing and drama on and off the track in New Zealand. Park in controversy, Wheel spin controversy, and should DJRTP have protested the decision?

Retirements and driver changes, with the futures of Winterbottom, Stanaway, Caruso and Holdsworth yet to be confirmed. DeSalvestro commits to Supercars n 2019. and Who could be stepping up to the big show?

Will Supercars run at 24 cars in 2019. How Hawkeye could improve supercars

Triple Eight teams champion – 9 times, can anyone ever challenge this?

Can Scott handle the pressure ahead in Newcastle?